Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summer 2012: a tart start

oh hello friends.
I am officially the worst blogger ever. I am not trying to quit, but life is busy. The end of the year activities were chaotic. Tim went to LA. Malley had a birthday. I cleaned out the garage and hosted a yard sale. Just life.


This summer is promising to be the best summer to date. The kids are a little older and more mature. They shower independently. They can fix themselves breakfast. They can carry their own boogie board at the beach (well most of the time!)

All this new found freedom has allowed me to spend more time planning fun things for the kids. I am all about creating happy memories for these three little ragamuffins.

So last Sunday evening, after some time at the beach, I decided to create a 'tree-to-plate' experience.  My neighbor, Christy's trees are having a very fruitful summer: her plum, apricot and peach trees are going crazy. She calls them the magic trees, and after all our grapefruit and orange sharing this spring, she is happy to share the wealth.

I sent the kids over with Tim to pick the most perfect purple plums off the tree, after finding a rustic plum galette recipe on Pinterest.

 We all worked together to make our dessert. It felt very special. The kids were all proud and enthusiastic.  After our yummy dinner, I served the plum galette.

It was the most tart bizarre tasting dessert ever. It tasted bitter and rough on the tongue. I don't know if it was the plums (which taste divine not cooked) or the cooks, or what, but I do not recommend trying this recipe. I will never forget the silence of all five of us trying to choke it down.

I am hoping to redeem myself soon. Peach pie, anyone?