Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Devlin's girly sleepover.

As previously mentioned, last weekend Tim and I hosted Devlin's first sleepover.

Sleepovers, in general, make me nervous. But Devlin really had her sweet nine year old heart set on one... the compromise was a super small sleepover with pizza, soda, popcorn, manicures, a movie and handmade matching doll and girl nightgowns.

{clockwise from top left: party streamers, the girls & dolls, ruffled crepe paper, cake}
Some details for the interested:
Devlin picked out a sweet heart-print knit for the nightgowns. I would call myself a novice seamstress, and I was without a pattern. To calm my nerves, I modified a pattern for a pillowcase dress. Since nightgowns are for sleeping, I didn't want any ties or bows on the shoulders, and ended up with a slip-on tank style.  I was very excited that all the girls loved their nightgowns and that they fit.

I made a heart garland out of felt to coordinate with the jammies. To make our house even more festive, I spent the afternoon playing with crepe paper; sewing it into ruffles and making little pompoms. For the cake, Devlin wished for heart shaped and bright blue frosting. I had some butterflies on sticks left over from a styling job, and glammed it up a bit. It was chocolate and quite yummy.

We ended the night with manicures complete with bright colors and nail pen details, and a popcorn bar! Freshly popped popcorn with lots of sweets and salties to mix it - think pretzels, m&m's, and jellybeans.

{they were really into their manicures...can you tell?}

The girls were all in their sleeping bags by 10:30 pm, which by sleepover standards wasn't too bad. Devlin exclaimed that it was the best party ever! (whew, I am just so happy birthday season is over)

Monday, August 29, 2011

fashion show with m•o•m

Happiest Monday of all!  Today happens to be the first day of school for all three of my children! Summer's been fun, but yay! for time without so much company, so much of the time.

This weekend was another whirlwind of activity. Highlights include: Devlin's birthday party sleepover, beach, smores, a whole chicken cooked in the crock pot, the Leucadia art walk, and the Encinitas Lifestyles Fashion Show. 

As you may remember, Devlin and I were asked in to involved with m•o•m's portion of the show.

So Saturday afternoon, Devlin and I headed over to one of our family's favorite shops, 42nd & Orange, to prepare for the evening. And just a warning, this post could of also been entitled 'A million pictures of Devlin.'

{clockwise from top left: Devlin in Katy's chair, profile, model snacks, she's all ready}
 There were seven models, and while Tere and Bethany dressed them, Katy made their hair and cheeks runway perfect. I tried to simultaneously keep the girls out of the street and entertain them. I brought along a few props and snapped a few pics. 

{clockwise from top left: butterflies, mustaches, giggles, parasols}

{clockwise from top left: the models, secrets, excited models, playing with flags}

Then we headed to the show, which was just a few blocks away. It was packed and festive. Man, I love Encinitas. (the event is actually a fundraiser for the DEMA scholarship fund!).

{it was much harder than I imagined to get a picture of these fast walking models}
All the girls did great. Devlin was super jazzed about the whole thing. My only regret was not snapping a picture of the lovely ladies of m•o•m with the models! 

A very special thank you to Tere & Bethany for including us in the fun.

Friday, August 26, 2011

{four for Friday} In a Pickle

This week I picked some things that remind me that cooking can be fun, healthy, and delicious. Make it an adventure, make you favorite dish, try pickling it's fun, really easy, go for it.
1. Cast iron skillet. Only one choice, Lodge. A necessity for Zuni chicken. Yum.
2. Canning and pickling is fun and delicious. Weck jars will make your pickles look amazing.
3. Foraging for food in your neighborhood is not just for drifters. Think clams, mussels, fish, fennel, nuts, berries, etc. all right under our noses. Langdon Cook inspires you to start looking, check the blog too.
4. The Norwalks gets amazing reviews, kinda pricey at $2495, but it eeks every bit of good stuff out of whatever your juicing. I am totally breaking out the juicer after reading this.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

two quick notes.

Two things to share...

1. Remember my recently acquired wood box from Long Beach? Well, we paired it with some tall vintage hairpin legs (which I scored for $5 at an estate sale), a piece of plywood for support, eight screws and ... we have an entry table!

Yes, the styling needs help, but I was so excited that we actually finished a project, I had to share.

2. This Saturday, I am excited to be participating in the Encinitas Fashion Show.  Well, not me exactly, but Devlin! She was asked to 'walk' for m•o•m, which happens to be her favorite store. We are very honored that they asked. For more information and tickets, go here.

3. Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 22, 2011

breweries, beach walks, horse races & the flea market.

Does it ever feel like everything falls on one weekend? The last two weekends have been so busy, it almost feels like I am 20 again. Seriously, 1996 was a good year!

This past weekend was no different, but it ended up being a fun one.

My beautiful smartypants sister, Maja, had a birthday on Thursday. I met her birthday crew at my parents for a few cocktails. We ended up at the underground brewery across the street. Totally random, but in a good 'keep Leucadia funky' kind of way.

{yes, I made her crown; Moo on #7}

Saturday we hit the horse races. And, I didn't win a single race. Come to think of it, I have never won anything at the races. So I quit betting, but the kids had fun. And so did I.

{everything in this picture was overpriced, true story}
 Sunday, I woke early to treasure hunt at the far away flea market. Ended up being a fun, but inexpensive day.  Jenni and Maja were great window shopping companions.

{wood box + legs = side table; my happy shopper friends}
I went home with a wood box. I had a vision to make a side table for our living room. More on that later.

I left off lots of other details of the weekend: a sister breakfast, Devlin's girl scout sleepover, smore's made on the cook top, slurpees, the UNIV shoe sale... but you all get the idea. Weekends really are the best!

Friday, August 19, 2011

{four for Friday} Turning to fall.

I am doing my best to enjoy these last few weeks of summer. But all the while I am excited about my favorite season, autumn. Apple festivals, school bells, candy corn and acorn squash soup.

My picks today are four things to fall in love with:

1.  Cute colorful flats, these bead illusion flats are from anthropologie: $148
2.  Design within Reach's classic 24 hour clock. Great for getting the kids to school on time and the upcoming time change. $55
3.  Orla Kiely's slouchy leather link Ella bag in a lovely teal. $383.50
4. Affordable, cute and comfy. World Market's Erin Chair. $229.99

The sun is showing itself again, so let's all get outside and enjoy the beach.

happy weekending.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paper fans found at BHLDN

This little family of five has kept me quite busy. Throw in a very last minute styling job, back to school shopping, and visiting relatives and you've got: ONE BUSY MOMMY.

The storm has calmed a bit and I spent the morning at a cafe enjoying breakfast and now I am poking around on the internets.

Have you seen this website? It's new to me.

BHLDN is mainly a wedding site, but I found many a treasure. (faux bois vases and flags galore) And I am now feeling quite inspired. My favorite was these paper fans, wouldn't dozens of them make an amazing back drop?

I am nearly ready to find some thin paper and popsicle sticks so I can make some of my own.

Friday, August 12, 2011

{four.for.Friday}: Mad for stripes!

Good Morning friends. I must go on about motherhood for a minute. I am pretty certain that I hit rock bottom this week.. My sweet children were suddenly nails on the chalkboard. The good news, when you are at the bottom, the only way is up. Yesterday was better. Today will be better that yesterday. I just feel so tired, overwhelmed and certainly underwater. Trying to keep my chin up best I can.

My picks this week are all super stripetastic. Yeah for stripes!

1. I am feeling Jonathan Adler's Bargello Jamaica pillow. Stripes on acid.
2. Kate Spade's stripey & cute umbrella.
3. The rumored Missoni for Target bike, expected to retail for around $300. I want one.
4. Chevron stripe swim suit found at Anthropologie.

I wish everyone a lovely weekend. I am super excited about some new styling projects I am working on...I can't wait to share.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

more than feathers in her hair.

Here are some ads that are now circulating for Fall 2011 Roxy Teenie Wahine, that I was the prop stylist for a while back.

Unfortunately for me, of all my amazing prop work that day, all you can see here is the bright feathers placed in Brooke's hair. But it totally makes the shot, don't you think?

These girls were so much fun! And as always the Roxy team was so great to work with. These images were shot by the talented Christa Renee. 

I am hoping to get my hands on more images from that day, with more props and styling!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Devlin's birthday.

Today our oldest is nine. Which is crazy, but not surprising. Time is like that...predictable.

Trying out my new sense of self (laid back) I didn't get started on her birthday decor until last night after 7, when the little ones were tucked in their beds.

Tim ran to store to grab some streamers, which Maja and I sewed into ruffle fantasticness.  We hung the ruffles back and forth in the dining room. We baked and frosted cupcakes, And made a really awesome red crown.

Happy happy birthday to my spunky smartypants daughter. Never before has someone brought me so much joy and frustration, usually all in the same day.

{clockwise: my sewing machine in action, Dev with bangs, crepe party, cupcakes}

Friday, August 5, 2011

{four.for.Friday}: Let's get nautical!

Perhaps this post is inspired by a little daydream to sail away...away from my three screaming children and these long, sometimes less than wonderful, days of summer.

1. Yup, I need Jonathan Adler whale bookends.
2. I think Tim and I need matching Saint James nautical tees. This unisex one is from J.Crew.
3. And seriously, who doesn't love Salt-water Original Sandals?
4. Loving the rope detail of this Anthropologie Reata counter stool.

happy weekending. ..We are excited for some of our favorite people visiting from out of town, beach days and lemon cocktails.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fish taco fantastico.

Last week, we received a phone call that we were being sent some fresh Alaskan fish caught by Tim's dad (who is currently vacationing there). Not just some fish, 13.2 pounds of amazing halibut and salmon.

A fish taco party was in tall order! We gathered up some of our dearest friends, margaritas and the fun began.

{clockwise: succulent can, T eats a taco, stack of plates, puppy love}
Everyone was kind enough to pitch in on taco toppings. We ended up with such an amazing assortment: smoked Gouda, Baja cream , very amazing margaritas, pickled red onion, cabbage, lettuce, guacamole, salsas, cabbage salsas, homemade mexican rice and homemade pinto beans.
This had to be one of the smoothest stress free gatherings ever. Summer perfection. Marisa McBride was kind enough to snap some photos, I guess I was too busy drinking.

{taco love, halibut & salmon, girl gang, a perfect plate}

Feeling so thankful.