Monday, November 28, 2011

holiday happenings.

This no doubt is my favorite time of the year.
Do I get a little stressed? YES. Do I feel overwhelmed? YES. But love it anyway? heck YES!

But before we get a tree, decorate cookies or sing carols....we shop!

I am super excited to be participating in the Karin Grow Craft Spectacular*!! I will peddling some vintage goods. And checking out all the amazing and talented vendors. 

I hope to see you there. It should be fun and yummy.
(*not the official name.)

Friday, November 25, 2011

{ Friday}

And a happy thanksgiving to you.

We spent the day yesterday as a family, visiting far away family. I'm spending this weekend remembering all that I am thankful for. Mostly my sweet little family and this blissful little beach town that feels like home.  I am so honored to be apart of both.

1. West Elm's horse bookend2. Epicene rectangle frame / 3. Madewell's leather tote / 4. Sorel Joan of Arc boots

 ....And now, let's officially let the reindeer games begin.

happy weekend and holiday kick off.

(ps. i am also thankful for this little creative outlet blog & my readers, which I realize are mostly my supportive friends)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

glitter saddle shoes: DIY

Our weekend was filled with some crafting, some soccer and a lot of family time. And making some glitter saddle shoes for Devlin!

Devlin and I had been eye-ing the crewcut glitter boots for weeks. But I can't help choking on the pricetag. After some inspiration from Fawn of Clean Up on Aisle Four, I decided to give it a try.

1. Gather supplies: shoes, glitter and glue (you will also need a little paint brush, painters tape, a paper cup and fine grit sandpaper for this project)
Any shoes will do. I bought these cheap-o saddle shoes at Payless Shoes. For the glitter, I choose this ultra fine Martha version. And based on the hours of Internet research I did, using Mod Podge glossy is a must.

2. Lightly sand the surface you wish to glitter.

3. Tape off the areas you wish to glitter. This step is tedious and takes forever, so take your time. I was nervous about the painters tape sticking to the cheap pleather, so I used some Japanese masking tape. (and boy were those eye holes a pain)

4. Mix some Mod Podge and glitter in a paper cup. (Don't make the same mistake I did, and make the mixture too thick. It paints on clumpy.) Paint on your mixture. Let dry. Repeat this process until you have full coverage. Once I had the correct consistency, it took three coats. To finish, paint on a Mod Podge only coat. Let dry.

5. Admire your work. And earn some serious cool points with the 9 year old.

Friday, November 18, 2011

{four.for.Friday} end of autumn.

I am doing my best to stay in the moment with fall. One week left. Its always been a hard fast rule in the Ott house to celebrate one holiday at a time. And so I am trying!

We have been busy collecting colored leaves, baking apple crisp, eating pumpkin pancakes and arranging the decorative gourds.

So one last fall-ish themed roundup. Or this could be used as my Christmas list if all you early shoppers are in a pinch.

1. bottletop candleholders / 2. Stone & Honey necklace / 3. stripes loop scarf /
4. Minnetonka pull-on fringe booties

Wishing a very wonderful thanksgiving to one and all. and a happy weekend!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

{four.for.friday: feeling quite thankful}

Today is Veteran's Day. And the kids have no school. I am planning a little fun for us, or trying to at least.

In the meantime, I leave you with my picks for Friday. All a bit thanksgiving-y: a little bit Pilgrim, a little bit Native American. A whole lot of wonderful.

1. Super great looking Paul Loebach dining chair, a colaboration with West Elm.
2. Peace slippers from Sundance Catalog.
3. I like the design on this Bliss Living Home Patagonia pouch.
4. Clever and tasteful tee pee Grand Lodge cream & sugar from Pendleton.

I have been trying to focus on all the amazing things in my life, including this little blog, and feeling so thankful.

happy weekending: rainy weather and all.

Monday, November 7, 2011

getting back on the horse.

This past week has been quite busy for me and prop styling. I have been booking jobs right and left. What can I say, its nice to feel liked and appreciated.

And then, one of my favorite clients canceled. Which is not a big deal, this happens. Sometimes things change and sometimes budgets can't accommodate a props person.
But it's hard not to feel... deflated.

This past weekend, Devlin went away to Rawhide Horse Camp. Which was super amazing and ended with a horse show. Devlin did great, but didn't win the grand champion trophy. She cried a little. It broke my heart.

And I found myself telling her all the words I need to tell myself...

You did your best, and that is what matters most. Only one person can win, which means lots of others have to walk away empty handed. And really, you can't win them all.


Friday, November 4, 2011

{four.for.Friday: baby, it's cold outside}

The past few days the weather has really taken a turn for the chillyside. (and I love it!)
And add the fact, that it is currently accepted to pull out all the Christmas decor, Christmas lights and all those holiday television commercials the day after Halloween.
So, I guess I am seeking coziness. And if you can't beat them, join them, right?

clockwise from top left:
A Staub LA Cocotte cokking vessel from Anthropologie. mmm...soup.
Cute and warm mitten from Kate Spade. Clever and practical.
Loving this plaid duffle cape from Fidelity Sportswear for Steven Alan.
I am ready to snuggle up to the fire and listen to tunes on this super cool Singgih Kartono Magno Wooden Radio. 

WIshing you all some snuggles this weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween on a Monday ends up being a little rough. But it all worked out in the end. Another memorable night in South Oceanside...

(an angel & a devil are best friends, almost all the kids, our otter pop costumes, and Laura serves Pimm's)

(Teagan leads a group cheer, half of our carved pumpkins, firefighter Kieran, two super gals rescues an owl)

And a very special thank you to Lauren and Jeremiah who hosted another great party. On her birthday, no less - Happy birthday Lauren!! It was a very memorable night which included laughing until my stomach hurt.  I hope everyone had a super Halloween!