Monday, November 7, 2011

getting back on the horse.

This past week has been quite busy for me and prop styling. I have been booking jobs right and left. What can I say, its nice to feel liked and appreciated.

And then, one of my favorite clients canceled. Which is not a big deal, this happens. Sometimes things change and sometimes budgets can't accommodate a props person.
But it's hard not to feel... deflated.

This past weekend, Devlin went away to Rawhide Horse Camp. Which was super amazing and ended with a horse show. Devlin did great, but didn't win the grand champion trophy. She cried a little. It broke my heart.

And I found myself telling her all the words I need to tell myself...

You did your best, and that is what matters most. Only one person can win, which means lots of others have to walk away empty handed. And really, you can't win them all.


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