Sunday, December 11, 2011

host a cookie party.

{clockwise: Lauren, Oceana, Laura,  'put a bird on it', Abuelita's oatmeal cookies, and very yummy almond joy to the world}

This weekend, I attended our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange. It's a little tradition I started 10 years ago when I first moved back to my hometown. (We didn't move to Cardiff until 2004)  I had few friends still in town then, and wanted to bring everyone together. I love that the tradition continues...but the guest list has really grown and we rotate hosting duties.

This year, my friend Mikayla opened up her cool cottage to the gaggle of ladies. And when I say exchange, I should state it's more bake off than anything else. It's all about the taste and texture, creating a display and crafting up an original name. There are even prizes!

{clockwise: the cookie spread, my mom's holiday broach, the winners- yup, I won best name -, Christmas decor}

Nothing says Christmas more than a great sugar high/coffee buzz first thing it the morning. I hope everyone else had a jolly weekend.

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