Monday, May 30, 2011

long weekend wrap up & introducing {four.for.friday}.

Three day weekends are good, two sick kids & one sick husband are not.

My highlights include:
yard sale success! a picnic in the park! barbequed chicken!


Introducing {four.for.friday}   (yes, i realize it's monday, but friday was busy, and weekends are weekends.)

Four favorites this week. All of which I truly believe will improve my summer.

clockwise: Kate Spade shady side small karen handbag; Havaiana's slim ethnics flip floppies; Plaid Pigeon Dinosaur succulent planter; Nixon small player watch.


  1. Love that watch! I think I must try to get it!

  2. hey G, I saw those flip-floppies at Henry's in SB. I almost bought them for you.