Monday, March 26, 2012

mammoth trip.

 I am back home after a long and wonderful weekend in Mammoth. I am lucky that my husband works at Nixon, and that spouses were invited to Nixon family snow weekend.

The trip filled my soul.

Was it seeing freshly falling snow? The amount of Blue Moon I consumed? Making snow angels? Being up in the mountains? Trying something new? All those St. Germain cocktails? The Wii dancing? The sense of community? Feeling 26? The wives of the design department meeting? Acting 26? All the tattoo sharing? The snowballs thrown? Stalking David Duchovny (yes, he was staying at the same hotel)? All the giggling?

Maybe just a combination of all of the above. But what a memorable trip. Nixon really does employ some of the most beautiful people, on the inside and out.

And yes, I missed my kids like mad. And am glad to be home. But a weekend in the snow sure feels like magic. (there was even a full on rainbow sighted on the rainy bus ride home)

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