Tuesday, March 6, 2012

you can pickle that & other home projects.

I will be the first to admit, that I am one of those who continue to tweek, redo, and diy all decor aspects of our home. I am always getting ideas, moving things, shopping...our home just evolves over time.

My husband thinks I am crazy.

Anyway,  I picked up a wood sunburst mirror at Homegoods. The price was great, but the it was finished with a solid very dark stain. After some Internet research, I sanded it and then applied an apple cider vinegar and steel wool mixture. The results are impressive. I think you all would be stunned by the transformation, had I taken a before picture (which I didn't).

Our beloved little dog, Banner, sleeps in a crate at night. I was over staring at it all the time, so I convinced Tim to knock out a shelf out of a kitchen cupboard and now Banner has a secret hid-a-way. And YES, the cupboard doors stay open when he is inside. And looking at this photo, I think I need to add a pretty mural in the back for him to look at.

Add lastly, I was able to hit a few estate sales early Friday morning with my mom. The sales were great fun and I came home with some treasures including this very Golden Girls chair. But what can I say, it was love at first sight. Hoping to paint and reupholster it this weekend.

happy soup weather.


  1. You did not get that chair!!! I went to that estate sale later in the afternoon and I thought to myself if the other chair was still here I'd buy the set! Haha! Good thing it went to a good home. I can't wait to see what you come up with! It has a very Lilly Pulitzer thing going on right now!

  2. that's funny amber! early bird gets the worm!

  3. I LOVE what you did to that mirror!!!!!! LOVE IT!