Sunday, March 11, 2012

pi = 3.14159265...

Today was Pie day at m•o•m. A great sunny day for all us math nerds and pastry enthusiasts to relax sip, chew and enjoy.

Yes, I realize the 'real' pie day is Wednesday, March 14, but hanging out on a Sunday is way more fun.

Another super successful, fun, sugar filled event.  I feel so lucky to be have met these ladies {Bethany & Tere} and this little community of nice people that come to these events.

{the shop's new sign, pie crumbs, D gets pinned, extra points for perfectly-brewed tasty coffee}

{shaker lemon pie, Come on in, banana creme, cute top in the shop}

{baked apple pie, ice bin equals car fun, blueberry galette, Lil's pinning}

There were dozens of pies! dozens! While, I did not try them all - I did try quite a few. And they were all quite tasty. Every time I turned around there was another piece of pastry perfection being placed on the table.

My favorite was the baked apple pie...the sugared crust was wonderful, I wish I knew the baker.
Tim's favorite was Bianca's sweet potato pie. Perfection!
Devlin's favorite was a 3 way tie,  Karin's banana creme bites & grandma's coconut crust blueberry pie and Vanessa's Ladybug pie.
Finn's favorite was his mama's crack pie. I will post the recipe tomorrow! (what a kid, right?!?!)
Malley's favorite was the peanut butter and chocolate pie made by Brooklyn.  yum!

I am already excited for next year. But it will be hard to top Pie day 2012...perfect weather, old and new friends and a very long hopscotch.

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