Sunday, July 1, 2012

seven reasons why I love leucadia with six photos.

Leucadia is my hometown. My parents still live in the little house where I grew up.

This weekend, Leucadia hosted 'Summer Fun on the 101' a free family-friendly music festival. We were lucky enough to have some friends in town from San Pedro. So we convinced them to come with us, along with our 5 kids (we were watching my neice and nephew this weekend) packed a picnic and headed over.

It was a very fun and friendly afternoon & reinforced ALL the reasons why I love Leucadia...

1. Good free music and a beer garden. The bands varied all day. We showed up in late afternoon and watched an ukelele group, a crusty old surf band, another surf band, great tunes from the Donkeys and the never-disappointing Mattson 2.  We left as they were setting up  the surf movie.

2. Leucadia has friendly bums! Apparently local bum-type drinker, Grant, showed up early Saturday to help set up, then spent the rest of the day celebrating in the bar. After he took a little rest on the stage during a Tower 7's set, he passed out on some sunny grass next to the stage. Reminded me of the bums of my youth!

3. That good old ''Keep Leucadia Funky" movement is still alive. A funky little family showed up in their pajamas. Papa Bear decided to dress up the look with a sportcoat. But they really landed in my heart when they sat down and pulled out a 1/2 gallon of ice cream & spoons out of their cooler.

4. The locally famous ukelele group, Tropical Breeze, featured some pretty lovely hula dancers. They were part perfect aloha hands, part Grateful Dead spinners. And for one song, a male ukelele player, set down his instrument to dance with the ladies. He had some sweet moves.

5. Local artist Harry Daily! Harry rallied the dancing kids by playfully stealing their beach balls. And after Devlin told him that she really liked his art, he generously gave her a print. She was pumped.

6. To keep the good vibes going, they threw some event t-shirts into the crowd (or rewarded for good dancing). T-shirts generously donated by the thrift store and then screen-printed with the event logo. The MC kept reminding everyone that they may want to wash before wearing. So rad.

7. All of Leucadia's friendly neighbors were out and about. While I caught up with my pal from Kindergarten and her family, my mom spotted and chatted up my dad's junior high buddy. Later we bumped into an old next door neighbor. It felt like a reunion in all the right ways. I spent time with some people I grew up with and lots of people I love.

I can't wait until next year. Oh, and did I mention that the event was solar powered?

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  1. So fun. Reminds me of the town I grew up in, but it was in the mountains and not the beach.