Monday, June 20, 2011

blog world in real world.

As it turns out the blog world is a good place to find new friends.

It seems there is a bit of a 'creative group' that has formed around these parts. With really cool ladies that design clothes, design interiors, design jewelery and own stores and such. Some are moms, some are wives, all are thoughtful, stylish and pretty crafty.

Today was a 'creative' gathering to celebrate Alexis' bun in the oven. And I was invited. Side note: there are probably a few other super crafty blogfriend to realfriend that couldn't make it. so by no means am I presenting a complete list.

But here is what I learned:

Grace of Grace Happens is a very lovely host.
Alexis of Fern & Feather is one of the cutest pregnant ladies ever, and so very sincere and sweet.
Amy of Amy Meier Designs has a serious lust for stripes & has a mom who seriously knits.
Julia of San Diego Songbird makes a very good cupcake buddy.
Brandie of Not Your Average Ordinary is about to have an amazing adventure.
Bianca of Bink & Boo made her own dress and made everyone giddy about dresses.
Haydee of Happenstance has two kids.
Kendall of kendallk was super nice, which I almost didn't expect because she is so talented.
Heather of la feem has impeccable taste.
Amber from The Girl is Craftee made me want bangs.
Sam of Vintage is for Lovers had a 'creative explosion' pulling together her creative gift, which I loved.
Michelle of Studio Surface makes a very amazing boysenberry cobbler.
Jennie of The White Barn has a very quiet baby and gave a very cleaver gift, a huge box of wipes.
Melissa and Betsy of Bixby & Ball were trilled about their feature in this month's Sunset Magazine.

and then there is me. . . Still don't know quite how I ended up there.
(I mean I am as martha, etsy and diy as the next style blogger, I can knit, craft and bake with the best of them, But I do feel like I am on the D-list some of the time, which is strange because I have never had a problem making friends and keeping friends - but this group is tight knit. like a fine european cloth.)

But was happy to be included; and was happy to meet some new ladies, learn some new things and have a giggling morning celebrating babies.


  1. You're part of the cool gang now.

  2. What a nice post. Wasn't it so fun? Wish we could've chatted more–next time!:) Great to meet you.

  3. Greta...I always enjoy seeing you and I love your sense of humor!!

  4. What a lovely post! It was so wonderful to meet you! Lets get together for a creative explosion!? Look forward to seeing you again! xo Samantha

  5. Ahhhhh! I really wish I could have made it. The pictures are killing me!

    Talk soon my little d-lister (you are so funny)