Thursday, June 9, 2011

{four.for.friday: father's day ideas}

I imagine fathers day as a fun manly kind of day. What's more manly than spearing some fish for a dinner BBQ with friends? I fondly remember as a kid going to the Newhouse's for delicious catch-of-the-day. The fish were always freshly speared in Dale's favorite nooks and crannies on the outer reefs at Seaside. He usually did this solo and always had a great story about drifting in the kelp beds looking for the big one. I had serious envy of his equipment, old school dive stuff from the Scripps dive locker where he worked.
Riffe makes some amazing spear fishing gear, every waterman father deserves this setup. I love a good I.P.A. Lagunitas is my favorite - 43 hop strains, not too bitter, not too hoppy, goes great with BBQ'd fish. Every dad loves a new hat, loving this new one from Nixon.

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