Sunday, June 12, 2011

catch up: lala & estate saleing.

Last week ended up being a bit of a wind whirl. Rainbow party prep, sourcing for a Thursday (moved to Friday) styling job and the last meeting of the year for the parent group I am involved in.

Sourcing led me to Kerry Cassill, who was kind enough to lend textiles for the shoot. Her shop, lala, is in Laguna Beach, and is absolutely amazing. I picked up some new pillow cases for our heads and I can't wait to go back. I really can not say enough wonderful things about her linens and her style. The colors, quality and little details made me swoon.

And due of the moved photoshoot, I was able to hit a local huge estate sale. I was lucky enough to get there early on & run into Karin Grow. (yes, the same Karin Grow I seem to mention almost every post) I think we made a great team!

I scored a few treasures, one of them being this little fish vase, that is so sweet and special.

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  1. LaLa is my favorite store in Laguna, and our entire home reflects it! Next time you come up for a visit, please let me know. Would love to join you! xo Samantha