Friday, September 9, 2011

{four.for.Friday} blackout.

Well, that was fun.

The blackout made for some fun family memories, but today is a little bumpy. The schools are closed, but Tim still has to work. And then there was that decision last night to drink all the beer in the fridge. So today is headache, kids home and gray weather.

So what did we do during the black out you ask?....we headed to the beach for a swim, ate leftover burritos (heated on the gas stove), read books and hung out with our neighbors.

I was so happily surprised at the Cardiff by the Sea rally. I headed to Seaside Market to pick up some ice, and was greeted with a store that stayed open, rationed ice and set up a BBQ to keep our community fed. The Store employees and business owners were all working together to keep everyoen safe and fed. I love my community.

So no shopping lust today, instead four things I realize I need to gather for the next emergency.

this is not my house, image was found here
1. A phone with a cord. Since all our phones are cordless, we were unable to use our homephone. We had our cell phones handy, but service was questionable.

2. Flashlights with working batteries.

3. A battery operated radio and clock.

4.  Emergency backpack with emergency food, camp equipment and the like. Because had this situation gone on much longer, the Otts would have been pretty screwed.

I guess it takes a scare to help get our butt in gear.

happy weekend all!!


  1. Wow, that's a bummer you got caught in that. Especially with how hot it was. Good think you made the most of it and went to the beach!

    - Sarah

  2. hahahaha
    I made the same list! I'm hoping the beer in the fridge survived. There was way too much leftover from my husband's b-day party to drink in one night.

  3. Hahahahahah, now you're feeling my backpacks, eh? dont forget a stack of cash.