Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday again! {four.for.Friday}

This is has been a great week. We all are trying to get back into a normal routine of school, activities, homework and soccer practice. But still smiling the entire time.

1. I love the print on this Sagaform Stoneware Storage Jar, found at Pigment. $25
2. Cheesy Marquee Light. Yes please! Now back in stock at Urban Outfitters. $199
3. This EVOKE Mio radio by Orla Keily is too cute. I hope it sounds as good as it looks. £150
4. Essie Demure Vix nail polish $8. Yes, I know $8 is quite an in vestment for nail color, but the finish is so perfectly eggshell. I am loving this lavender color for fall, but there are lots of fabulous Essie colors. Take the leap, you will thank me.

happy weekending y'all!

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