Tuesday, September 6, 2011

going north a bit.

Three day weekend means a chance to get out of town. Tim and I loaded up the kids, ditched the dog at my sisters and headed north.

Destination: Pasadena. To visit old friends, and pick up some chairs.

We had a nice little get away. Pasadena is a lovely place, even though it was hotter than hot.

We stayed at the most amazing house belonging to our dearest friends.

The main house is really cool. It is filled with books and art, and perfect paint colors. I try not to get too jealous when we visit. Seriously, the walls are covered with an impressive art collection. Every time I visit, I leave with a new sense of self. Looking at dozens of art and design books in their perfectly soft aqua sunlight room is mental yoga.

Their backyard is magical with a treehouse, white lights and a cool guesthouse - office - art room space. The kids had a great time visiting, too. They played and read, and played some more.

And I was able to visit intelligentsia coffee. It was as positive experience. I really like good coffee, and I was happy the experience met the hype.

a rainbow!
Unfortunately, the chair pick up didn't end up happening due to some planning issues on our part. Who knew storage units are closed on major holidays?!?  I guess we will have to go back.


  1. Mom and I went to Intelligentsia for the first time a few weeks ago - I loved it!
    But you were in Pasadena -do they have more than one location or did you visit the one in Silverlake?

  2. I think there are seven or something across the us. the pasadena location was really dark and bar-like with really neat light fixtures.