Friday, July 1, 2011

{for for Friday}: vacation photos

We are up in the Bay Area for a family wedding. Vacationing as a family of 5 is memory-making fun, but also very tiring & frustrating. They seem to fight more, there was even a fight over who got to sleep on the floor more. So no four for Friday shopping lust, I am sharing San Francisco instead.

Yesterday, we escaped to the city and checked out lots of amazing spots; a walk down memory lane and some new surprises. Here are four of the highlights.

(clockwise from top left: Finn is gifted our good pal Aleks Petrovitch's pelican, the scenic drive on the Golden Gate Bridge, Academy of Sciences' living roof & Doggie Diner head at Sloat.)

happy weekending & a very happy 100th birthday to Cardiff by the Sea. Which has got to be the best town ever.

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