Friday, July 29, 2011

{four.for.Friday}: Love this time of year.

When we lived in San Francisco, summers were cold and foggy, onshore winds and a choppy uninviting ocean. Fall was where its at. Warm days and long, warm, city nights. The surf was starting to do its thing at Ocean Beach and the outdoor restaurants and bars were hopping. The tail end of summer and early fall is my favorite time of year in Cardiff as well. My four.for.friday picks are inspired by all these thoughts. Throw on some new music, a comfortable shirt, shoes and a simple chair for the beach, park, wherever.
1. New Montalban Quintet album, recorded in Encinitas, check 'em. $0-$??
2. New Firefly chambray shirt from HUF, San Francisco. $68
3. Van's designed by Ando. Like a cleaned up wino. $39.95
4. Ok, it's super functional, folds up and has built-in strap. Keep it simple. $29

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