Sunday, July 10, 2011

A morning of Lego's: Finn turns 6!

Saturday morning we celebrated Finn turning 6 with everything Lego's. The party was thankfully a total success! It was the first party I have hosted that some parents dropped off their kids, and I was worried I might end up with a gang of first graders gone wild! We kept the party moving with structured games and activities.

 (clockwise from top left: the frosted to-the-best-of-my-ability Lego cake, Lego head lanterns that Tim and I had so much fun making, free play Lego mess, Finn made Lego bowl)

.. and then there was the Lego wall, nicely displayed here. I ended up with a blister (craft injury?) on my finger from punching all the holes, but the effect was nice.

  (clockwise from top left: my paper Lego garland, the scramble to grab the Legos & candy that fell from inside the pinata, the finish line from the Lego car race, another snack filled Lego bowl)

 We played two games... Pin the Lego face on the Lego guy. The kids really enjoyed drawing their own Lego faces. And build your own Lego racer car which were then we raced then down a ramp. Both were hits!

 (clockwise: dublo mess, Finn's welcome sign, my very bright and fluffy homemade pinata, and Finn hands out Lego candy filled wax paper bags)

Whew! It really was a nice little party. Honestly, I am just really so happy it's over. Two summer birthday parties down, one more to go...


  1. You've outdone yourself! Everything looks amazing, but I'm particularly impressed with the lanterns and the pinata.

  2. awesome party!! i love the lantern heads...finn is one lucky little dude!

  3. what a super creative idea!!! I love every single detail - and how very creatively detailed it was done!! Happy Birthday to your little man!! xo Samantha

  4. I love these party ideas...going to store them in my memory for my boys's birthdays next year. You are so creative!