Saturday, July 16, 2011

my first scrap meet

Last Thursday night I was invited to a scrap meet at the clever and cheerful m•o•m shop right here in Encinitas.

Although it sounds like I lost my mind and started scrapbooking, it was actually a chance to unload some old fabric scraps and trade for some new ones. And since it was in the evening, drinks were promised.

I love getting rid of stuff, finding new treasures and drinking, so I was quickly on my way.

(clockwise from top left: Bethany of m•o•m holding my sad 1960's styled plate of celery, Amber's creme brulee cleverly made in little mason jars, bag of scraps for sale at the shop, cute dot banner and diner aprons)

It was a nice night to share a few laughs, eat, drink and I went home with some fabric winners. More details of the evening here.

(clockwise from the left: Eve scores a dress, the leftover pile, details, chit chatters)

Another creative idea from Bethany and Tere! Thank you for including me I had a blast, as always. And thanks to Michelle, Melissa, Betsy, Bianca, Amber, Eve, Jessica, Lia & Stacey (& any others I forgot) for making it such a memorable night.

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  1. Greta- you got some really nice shots of the evening! Oh you're good.