Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Devlin's girly sleepover.

As previously mentioned, last weekend Tim and I hosted Devlin's first sleepover.

Sleepovers, in general, make me nervous. But Devlin really had her sweet nine year old heart set on one... the compromise was a super small sleepover with pizza, soda, popcorn, manicures, a movie and handmade matching doll and girl nightgowns.

{clockwise from top left: party streamers, the girls & dolls, ruffled crepe paper, cake}
Some details for the interested:
Devlin picked out a sweet heart-print knit for the nightgowns. I would call myself a novice seamstress, and I was without a pattern. To calm my nerves, I modified a pattern for a pillowcase dress. Since nightgowns are for sleeping, I didn't want any ties or bows on the shoulders, and ended up with a slip-on tank style.  I was very excited that all the girls loved their nightgowns and that they fit.

I made a heart garland out of felt to coordinate with the jammies. To make our house even more festive, I spent the afternoon playing with crepe paper; sewing it into ruffles and making little pompoms. For the cake, Devlin wished for heart shaped and bright blue frosting. I had some butterflies on sticks left over from a styling job, and glammed it up a bit. It was chocolate and quite yummy.

We ended the night with manicures complete with bright colors and nail pen details, and a popcorn bar! Freshly popped popcorn with lots of sweets and salties to mix it - think pretzels, m&m's, and jellybeans.

{they were really into their manicures...can you tell?}

The girls were all in their sleeping bags by 10:30 pm, which by sleepover standards wasn't too bad. Devlin exclaimed that it was the best party ever! (whew, I am just so happy birthday season is over)


  1. You outdid yourself once again! Maya had a great time.

  2. That looked like one sweet little shin dig. Can adults have a sleep over?