Wednesday, October 19, 2011

getting into the Halloween spirit?

We were 'boo'ed last night.  Big ol' bucket of Halloween goodness.

Are you all familiar with this suburban tradition? It's sort of like door bell ditching a curse. A neighbor leaves some treats and Halloween goodness anonymously on another neighbor's door, and in return, they must copy the poem and 'boo!' sign, run to Target, buy a bunch of Halloween crap stuff and leave it at two other neighbors doors. Once you have been boo'ed, you are to leave the ghost in your front window so you don't get boo'ed again.

All this boo'ing and costume making (I have been busy doing that too) had me thinking, the season is really upon us.

Halloween is here, folks.

          (cake round up from top left: Country Living, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Better Homes & Garden)

The kid's school carnival is next weekend, and the cake walk is a Cardiff tradition. Guess it's time to get my bake on, I love all these tricked out cakes and cupcakes. So spooktacular.


  1. How fun! BOO! I love all those baking ideas! Too cute!!!!! Good luck getting your bake on... :)

  2. I want to make those mummy cupcakes and the ghost cake is pretty darn cute too.
    Btw, there's an estate sale tomorrow that looks interesting. Want to go?