Wednesday, October 12, 2011

weekend away at the ace, palm springs.

{from top left: ace sign, lobby photo booth, banana Irish porridge, Andy & Owen in King's Highway}

After hearing about The Ace, Palm Springs for years, we finally headed east for a weekend of pool frolic and desert views. Yes, I realize we are a little late on the band wagon, but wanted to add my review and thoughts on the experience.

A dear friend of ours was celebrating his big 40, so off we went, sans children, for three days of desertness with four other families.

{from top left: room 419, cool fireplace, view from our bed, happy ep}

Here are my thoughts on the experience:

Totally loved all the white and wood interior design throughout the resort. And all the shades of neutral; the decor was unified, chic and urban outfitters-y, but in a good way.

Fist pumping music, pool side. 16 hours a day. This was mostly a positive, until your head starts to spin, then we would exit to our rooms to enjoy a little quiet moment, then back to the poolside party.

Oh my goodness, great people watching. Really supreme. But then again you are hanging with these people all day...

Every room comes with strangely attractive cult like robes....and walking sticks.

The converted Denny's turned King's Highway had acceptable food and service. Not the best food ever, but far from the worst. The Ace makes it very easy to stay on the compound. I mean, why leave?!

I had some great cocktails. Both from the Amigo Bar, with muddled cucumber?!?, and made with the booze we smuggled in. I have a new fondness for Pimm's with ginger beer, and anything with St. Germain's.

 {from top left: Polaroid fun, me + Tim, mostly all of us in the mirror at King's Highway, room key & my purse}

Definitely a weekend to remember. 

I am little sad that the whole group didn't take a group picture, that Tim and I didn't find any treasure at the Palm Springs thrift stores and that I didn't steal anything from our room. 

But all and all, desert goodness.

(happy birthday Eric and a big thank you to you & Christa for including us.)

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