Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloweening 2011: Devlin

Last one..

Devlin as a Devil. 

The details:
This red sequin dress is a hand me down. Devlin really wanted to wear it for Halloween, so I suggested she could be a ladybug or devil. She chose the latter. The pitchfork, horns and tail were purchased on clearance at Party City.
For the cape, I found the red flame fabric at Joann's and stitched it to some ribbon.
Total: $11.00

Devlin and I both agree her costume is missing . . . something, so hopefully we will add some more flare before the carnival on Saturday.

Of course, Tim and I are dressing up too. . . but we will save our costume reveal until Halloween!  


  1. Maya is a devil too this year.

  2. OMG! Your kids costumes are AMAZING!! I love all three of them - They are incredibly creative and I just love how "up-cycled" they are!! Your family wins the prize! Love, love, love!! Have a spooktacular weekend! xo Samantha

  3. Greta - you are amazing. I think I need to buy a hot glue gun. xoxo Laurel

  4. thanks all for your love!!
    i am always so happy when cosutme making is over. :)