Tuesday, October 4, 2011

making friends with art.

Yesterday, Tim brought home a piece of art that I love. It is 'on loan' from some amazing friends who have a great collection. I love the new addition to our walls, its only been here 11 hours and has already improved my mood. Because it makes me happy.

I have always wanted to have cool happy art in my house, but I having a hard trusting my gut. Or affording what I love. But listen here my friends: Affordable art is everywhere.

Here is a little round up of my current favorite sources and pieces.

The 20X200 Project. Affordable art prints for as little $20. New prints are added weekly. Limited print runs. This one caught my eye.
Michelle Muldrow

 • Etsy. The best thing to happen to the internets since ebay, in my humble opinion. I could spend a whole day poking about on this site. Also, a great place to find affordable art at great prices. Look what I found today.

Ship in a Bottle from Little Paper Ship

Little Paper Planes. Kelly Lynn Jones of Oakland created Little Paper Planes back n 2004 as a platform for her friends and community to sell art. The result totally fantastic afforable art!

White Mountain Print by: Brandi Strickland

Moral of the story: Art makes life better.  And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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