Monday, October 24, 2011

I heart Borrego.

I come from a family that really seems to like each other. Which is nice. Because my family is fun and nice and generally rocks.

Saturday we drove out to the family desert house. To watch a parade and hang out with each other. The weather was nice, but pretty warm.

Borrego Days annual parade. Which is so great, and super down-home-ish. The parade kicks off with an airplane flyover. How awesome is that?

Back at the house; the kids swam, rode bikes and went on a spooky scavenger hunt that my mom planned. The grown ups got busy catching up and enjoying cocktails. And we had a couple of surprise desert house visitors. Borrego is like that. Or my parents are. Either way, I like it.

Our best attempt at a self timer family picture. (of course, Malley was not having it, Banner was distracted, Jeff's faced is blocked and Grandma and Grandpa were too busy sleeping.)

Another successful trip to the desert.

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