Thursday, August 25, 2011

two quick notes.

Two things to share...

1. Remember my recently acquired wood box from Long Beach? Well, we paired it with some tall vintage hairpin legs (which I scored for $5 at an estate sale), a piece of plywood for support, eight screws and ... we have an entry table!

Yes, the styling needs help, but I was so excited that we actually finished a project, I had to share.

2. This Saturday, I am excited to be participating in the Encinitas Fashion Show.  Well, not me exactly, but Devlin! She was asked to 'walk' for m•o•m, which happens to be her favorite store. We are very honored that they asked. For more information and tickets, go here.

3. Thanks for reading.


  1. I knew you'd do something amazing with those hair pin legs! I am in aw.

  2. I love your creativity.. You continue to amaze me ;) nice boat painting too:)

  3. Have so much fun this weekend and that table is amazing!! What treasures! xo Samantha

  4. Is MOM that cute little store by Hansen's? If it is, I popped in there last time I was down and it was so cute!

  5. it sure is, katie. thanks for all the kind comments.

  6. awesome table. so jealous of the did a fabulous job! love the juxtaposition.