Monday, August 29, 2011

fashion show with m•o•m

Happiest Monday of all!  Today happens to be the first day of school for all three of my children! Summer's been fun, but yay! for time without so much company, so much of the time.

This weekend was another whirlwind of activity. Highlights include: Devlin's birthday party sleepover, beach, smores, a whole chicken cooked in the crock pot, the Leucadia art walk, and the Encinitas Lifestyles Fashion Show. 

As you may remember, Devlin and I were asked in to involved with m•o•m's portion of the show.

So Saturday afternoon, Devlin and I headed over to one of our family's favorite shops, 42nd & Orange, to prepare for the evening. And just a warning, this post could of also been entitled 'A million pictures of Devlin.'

{clockwise from top left: Devlin in Katy's chair, profile, model snacks, she's all ready}
 There were seven models, and while Tere and Bethany dressed them, Katy made their hair and cheeks runway perfect. I tried to simultaneously keep the girls out of the street and entertain them. I brought along a few props and snapped a few pics. 

{clockwise from top left: butterflies, mustaches, giggles, parasols}

{clockwise from top left: the models, secrets, excited models, playing with flags}

Then we headed to the show, which was just a few blocks away. It was packed and festive. Man, I love Encinitas. (the event is actually a fundraiser for the DEMA scholarship fund!).

{it was much harder than I imagined to get a picture of these fast walking models}
All the girls did great. Devlin was super jazzed about the whole thing. My only regret was not snapping a picture of the lovely ladies of m•o•m with the models! 

A very special thank you to Tere & Bethany for including us in the fun.


  1. I am so glad you were there! Really, knowing you were occupying the girls with fun props and picture taking took a huge load off me and mom.
    And look at the pictures! Oh you're good!
    Idea's are brewing for a photo shoot and we most definitely want you on the crew.
    Thanks again for allowing Devlin to be one of the m.o.m girls and for all your help.
    It was fun a fun night! To quote a few of the girls right after walking the runway, "Let's do it again!"

  2. How sweet! What pretty little girls.

    - Sarah

  3. How cute are they! Love the whole look they've got going on. Great photo's too!