Monday, August 22, 2011

breweries, beach walks, horse races & the flea market.

Does it ever feel like everything falls on one weekend? The last two weekends have been so busy, it almost feels like I am 20 again. Seriously, 1996 was a good year!

This past weekend was no different, but it ended up being a fun one.

My beautiful smartypants sister, Maja, had a birthday on Thursday. I met her birthday crew at my parents for a few cocktails. We ended up at the underground brewery across the street. Totally random, but in a good 'keep Leucadia funky' kind of way.

{yes, I made her crown; Moo on #7}

Saturday we hit the horse races. And, I didn't win a single race. Come to think of it, I have never won anything at the races. So I quit betting, but the kids had fun. And so did I.

{everything in this picture was overpriced, true story}
 Sunday, I woke early to treasure hunt at the far away flea market. Ended up being a fun, but inexpensive day.  Jenni and Maja were great window shopping companions.

{wood box + legs = side table; my happy shopper friends}
I went home with a wood box. I had a vision to make a side table for our living room. More on that later.

I left off lots of other details of the weekend: a sister breakfast, Devlin's girl scout sleepover, smore's made on the cook top, slurpees, the UNIV shoe sale... but you all get the idea. Weekends really are the best!

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